Harold likes to compose for himself and for others when there is the possibility of a performance. Scroll down to hear some examples of his work!

His compositions have been broadcast live on ABC classic FM, and were featured in the Musica Viva ménage concert series in Canberra. They have been recorded by the Brew Guitar Duo and the Zoco Duo, and performed by the Duo Amythis, BANQ, dominantSEVEN, Jelica Mijanovic, and others.
The following is a brief portfolio of some original works. Please feel free to be in contact if you are interested in any of these or a new work.

  • Bad Day (10′), for two guitars (first performed by the Duo Amythis in the High Court of Australia, 2016)
  • Black Mountain (8′), for solo guitar (written for and first performed by Jelica Mijanovic, 2014)
  • Two Trios (12′) (Elegy and Toccata… or fanfare for the common flan), for Guitar Trio (2013)
  • Flatback Turtles Nesting (7′), for guitar orchestra, including bass guitar (2013)
  • Flock (12′) (Currawong, Magpie, Blue Wren, Galah, and Rainbow Lorikeet), for Solo Guitar (dedicated to Timothy Kain 2013)
  • Suite (12′) (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourree I and II, Giga), for Solo Guitar (2012)
  • Two Duets (10′), (Anger and Barcarole) for two guitars (written for Véronique van Duurling and the Duo Amythis 2011)
  • Platter (16′), (Tasty Cheddar, Double Brie, Stilton, and Danish Blue), for 3 standard guitars and one classical bass (written for Guitar Trek 2011)
  • Opus 4: the Brood you owe (8′), for two guitars (written for and first performed by the Brew Duo 2008, also available on their album Landscapes)
  • Amber Ubu’s Epiphany (8′), for clarinet, piano, percussion, two guitars, violin and double bass (written for and first performed by dominantSEVEN 2005)
  • People who feel strongly about feeling strongly about people (12′), for solo guitar (first performed by Harold 2007)
  • L’Armoire Normande (10′), for oboe and guitar (first performed and recently recorded by the Zoco Duo 2006)
  • Toccata (4′), for solo piano (written for and first performed by Edward Neeman 2001)
  • Trois Pièces (5′), for solo guitar (first performed by Harold 2004)

Here are some examples of compositions: